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New Leaf Sober Living helps you begin to function as a transformed person, free from alcohol and addiction.

Our shared strength, experience & hope while recovering under common circumstances make this transformation a reality.

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Typical Treatment Cycle

Alcoholism and addiction are diseases, with thought patterns and behaviors that develop over YEARS. Many alcoholics and addicts begin using during their teenage years when the brain is still forming, making it even more difficult to learn new behaviors as an adult.

Most alcoholics/addicts try to stop on their own…unsuccessfully, for some period of time. This typically fails due to a lack of support and sustained effort.

At some point, other treatment options may be  attempted including detox, inpatient and outpatient programs, or medications. While all of these methods can be an important part of any successful recovery, they typically last only through the first 30 days or so of sobriety. Then the alcoholic/addict is back on their own, still dealing with all the same stress and factors that can trigger a relapse. It’s no wonder that this is often what happens, setting off a cycle of many continued unsuccessful attempts at sobriety.


How Can That Cycle Be Broken?

Studies show that the absolute best path to sustained sobriety is a long-term program of support, ideally lasting 1-2 years or more. Positive life habits are generally formed over a longer period than 30 days, and it’s unrealistic to expect a habit years in the making to change permanently in that time. A long-term Sober Living Home (SLH) stay allows residents to build new and lasting positive behaviors over time, and establish friendships that provide a lifetime support system.

After just 6 months in a Sober Living Home, the likelihood of remaining sober increases from less than 20% to 40%! After 18+ months and the success rate increases to  68%! And, those who continue to  remain sober for 5+ years have an 85% success rate.